Sunday, April 10, 2016

St. Cecilia's Parish Upcoming Centennial

left to right: Veronica, MER, Lynn, Diane

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mer and Veronica from St. Cecilia's Church in San Francisco. They are working tirelessly on the St. Cecilia's Centennial photo archive.

My cousin Diane, Sam's granddaughter, helped fill in many blanks regarding my great-grandfather's legacy. 

They spent most of the day at my house, going through images, newspapers, etc. scanning and scanning...

Mer and Veronica are part of the team at St. Cecilia's that are planning the 100th year of St. Cecilia Parish, January 7, 2017.

They are creating a photo archive for the Centennial. Images from the archive will be used throughout the Centennial year for monthly photo displays and a commemorative book. They are looking for old and new photos, as well as other memorabilia, from their church, school, and parish ministries. They are collecting photos through May of 2016. 

Trying to put the pieces together...

It wasn't easy going through bins of unmarked photos to find anything related to the church, since the photos were of different churches that Sam worked for.

Diane and I...great-granddaughter and granddaughter to Sam Berger

What church is this from? No one knows...

If you have any photos you'd like to contribute to St. Cecilia's,  please contact Mer Ring, Class of 1977, at

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