Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When my Mom passed away recently, I had the painful task of going through her things. This left me with inheriting the stunning lamp Sam carved so many decades ago.

This lamp was carved for my grandparents. It was my grandmother's prized possession. She would stare at the cherubs for hours. When people came over she would proudly show them her father's lamp. Well, Mom and Bannie (my grandma) died a year and a half apart, so the lamp suddenly became mine.

When it was delivered I cried like a baby. "Why is this here? It shouldn't be here." I couldn't walk in our living room for days. I was just about to call my cousin to give it to her and my husband said that I'll feel better with time.

Now I'm able to walk in the room again and admire this work of art. I'm just looking for the appropriate lamp shade to do it justice.

My lineage has all passed away leaving me with special memories and some treasures. It doesn't feel right to have this lamp, but I'm proud to share it with you. In time, I'm sure I'll feel a bit more comfortable with it. Until then, I still get a little teary when I walk into the room.

All that remain are the solemn faces of the cherubs, and the echoes of voices from a bygone era...