Thursday, April 21, 2016

Once a Sleuth, Always a Sleuth

I've been trying for quite some time, to locate the whereabouts of Sam's carving studio. I knew it was somewhere in San Francisco, but the exact location was unknown. 

I'm an avid collector of San Francisco memorabilia, as well as a self-employed antiques dealer. So, it was quite helpful to acquire a 1932 San Francisco telephone directory. I quickly turned to the back pages, looking under "woodcarving," and, lo and behold, found Sam's carving studio's address ---390-9th Street, between Harrison & Sheridan, south of Market. Built in 1923. I can't tell you how excited I was to find this! Could it be that simple? No, that phone book was the key. 

The space is still in existence, and is now is "The Floor Store."

the actual block (1938) looking south from Folsom Street

I quickly went to my Facebook group, "San Francisco Remembered," to see if anyone had any resources that I wasn't aware of. I was directed to various places. My friend Art found this photo (above) from, showing the actual block in 1938, looking south from Folsom Street, so the shop isn't visible. Being the sleuth that I am, I will be taking a trip soon to the San Francisco Public Library's history department photo archives. They have a wealth of information and photos. Perhaps I'll get lucky and find a photo of the studio. For now, I'm just thrilled to know where it was located!

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