Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission Dolores Basilica: Now

Last week my photographer Kassie and I took a trip to visit Mission Dolores Basilica. It was more amazing than I could ever anticipate. When I realized that all of the carving was done by my great-grandfather, it was really surreal. He carved everything including the alter, ceiling, stations of the cross, and more. It's quite fun to compare the original carvings prior to being painted, and then to see them in their current place. 

It was a dark, rainy day, but here are some lovely shots that Kassie captured. I'll also be adding some photos later that my family took many years ago.

Enjoy this beautiful church!

images: Kassie Borreson, Haus Frau Fotografie


  1. I am just overwhelmed at such talent! Thank you so much for sharing this Art and such wonderful history of yr Great Grandfather.......Salute!

  2. Thanks so much Suzanne. I am overwhelmed too...this is such a fun journey. Thanks for your comment!

  3. OMG - this is amazing, amazing!!! I saw your earlier pictures and I told you I had visited Mission Dolores when I was a young child and will never forget it. My Dad was a history buff and we went to most of the missions. I don't think I appreciated it as much at the time, and I sure wish he was alive today so I could show him your gorgeous photos and the legacy behind it. Thanks so much for sharing these and you are so lucky to be descended from such a talented man and you sure don't see work like this today!!