Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something to Share!

I was absolutely thrilled when Valerie Schmalz, a writer for the San Francisco Catholic Weekly contacted me about doing a story about my great-grandfather's work. She had stumbled upon this blog and thought there could be a great potential story.

Well, tomorrow the story is officially in the paper and online. I'm so elated to have my great-grandfather recognized for his magnificent wood-carving!

You can read the whole article here. The story is titled, "Jewish Artisan's Legacy of Christian Beauty."

Big thanks to Valerie for doing this lovely tribute!


  1. What a wonderful article! It's really very nice! I hope it leads to a lot more information for you! I wish you so much luck!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    How wonderful! I love that your great grandfather's legacy lives on. I think it's fantastic that work that may otherwise be glanced at for its beauty now has a larger following and tells a story. I think all of this needs to be a book! His work is truly remarkable.

  3. How exciting for you! I really enjoyed the article and learning more about your great-grandfather and his work.